About me

For the past couple of years, I have been on a mission to improve user experiences and streamline development processes at Algolia. As a dashboard and design systems developer, I've played a key role in enabling my colleagues to quickly ship new features while maintaining high-quality standards.

Currently, I'm focused on increasing the accessibility of our products and enhancing our end-to-end testing to ensure that our users get the best experience possible. As a self-taught developer from Denmark, I bring a unique perspective to my work, which I've applied to technologies like React, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS.

Beyond my work in tech, I also have a passion for 3D modeling for computer games. This hobby has taught me the importance of precision and attention to detail, skills that I bring to my work in development.

Overall, my experience at Algolia has been an opportunity to push the boundaries of what's possible in tech and make a meaningful impact on the user experience. I'm excited to continue developing my skills and contributing to innovative projects in the future.

My current tech stack
  • software

    • Visual Studio Code
    • HyperTerm
    • Google Chrome
    • Notion
    • Linear
  • hardware

    • MacBook Pro 16" 2021
    • Custom built PC
    • iPhone 13 Pro
    • iPad Pro 12.9"


Senior Software Engineer

One of the benefits of taking on freelance work is the ability to work on a diverse set of projects, each with unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it's building a website for a small business or developing custom software for a larger enterprise, every project has its own set of requirements and goals, which keeps the work fresh and exciting.

While I don't do as much freelance work as I used to, I still take on occasional projects that pique my interest. For me, the most rewarding aspect of freelance work is the chance to work with clients who are passionate about their ideas and projects. By collaborating closely with clients, I'm able to help bring their vision to life while honing my own skills and expertise. Ultimately, freelance work has been a valuable part of my career journey, allowing me to expand my portfolio and build relationships with clients from a variety of industries.

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact me today.

Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer

My primary responsibilities at Algolia was to develop and maintain an internal design system called Satellite, ensuring consistency in branding and design across projects. Additionally, I've written clean, efficient code and implemented tools such as automation, linters, and statistics to improve accessibility across Algolia's dashboard.

I've also redesigned and maintained multiple pages on the marketing website and other materials, improving user experience. In doing so, I've built internal tools that streamlined workflow processes, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Finally, I've developed a comprehensive set of components that have been instrumental in several Algolia projects. Overall, I've made a substantial impact on the company by enhancing user experience, improving workflow efficiency, and ensuring consistency across projects.

Mobile Developer

At Evendo, I built new native applications for iOS and Android as the sole mobile developer. With an evolving set of feature requirements, the workload was challenging, but I developed a system for faster iterations and efficient development.

I maintained effective communication with stakeholders and adhered to timelines to ensure timely completion of the project. This experience helped me to enhance my mobile development skills and contribute to the success of the company.

Community Staff

As a member of the community staff team at Quixel, my primary role was to provide live customer support, with a particular focus on VRay integration. The nature of the support work required fast and efficient responses, and we made it a priority to ensure that all users received timely assistance.

In addition to providing support, I also leveraged my prior experience using VRay to help ensure the accuracy of the exported shaders from our suite of tools. By closely monitoring and testing the exported shaders, I was able to identify and address any issues, ensuring that our tools produced high-quality results for our users.

Working at Quixel was an opportunity to develop my customer support skills and technical knowledge in VRay integration. I enjoyed working closely with the community and the development team, and I took pride in my ability to provide efficient and effective support to users.

Frontend Developer

As the sole developer on my team at Billetto, I was responsible for the vast majority of the development needs. Given our team's focus on growth hacking and organic traffic, I built, prototyped, and A/B tested several landing page designs to drive user engagement and conversion. I also launched a new organiser onboarding experience that streamlined the process of creating an event, helping to improve the user experience.

In addition to developing landing pages and onboarding experiences, I overhauled the design of our Zendesk support center to align it with our recently updated brand. I also created smaller widgets, such as a pricing module and a quick event creator, to further enhance the user experience and drive engagement.

Working at Billetto was an opportunity to hone my skills as a developer and apply my knowledge of growth hacking to improve user engagement and conversion. I enjoyed working closely with my team to identify and address user needs, and I was proud of my ability to deliver high-quality products that met our goals and objectives. Overall, my experience at Billetto helped me to enhance my development skills and contribute to the success of the company.

3D Weapon Artist

As a core team member at Craneballs, I was responsible for developing high-fidelity weapon assets for the Overkill and Gun Master series of 3D mobile games. My role involved creating mobile-optimized assets that could perform smoothly on various types of phones while also being modular enough to support a flexible attachment system.

To ensure the best possible performance, I carefully planned out the UVs of each mesh, maximizing the use of available space and minimizing memory consumption. This was particularly important given the constraints of mobile hardware and the need for fast, responsive gameplay.

Working on these projects was both challenging and rewarding, and I took pride in my ability to contribute to the development of high-quality games that were enjoyed by players around the world.