Website Refresh

Website Refresh

I'm unveiling a completely new look for my website, a project born from a desire to create something fresh and visually engaging while keeping a clean aesthetic. I dive into Next.js and TailwindCSS, finding these tools incredibly versatile for crafting an interface that not only looks good but feels intuitive to navigate. I pay particular attention to the UI, ensuring it's clean and seamlessly adapts to both light and dark modes, reflecting the versatility in design.

In a personal touch, I integrated a Spotify widget on my site. It's a small window into my world, showing what I'm currently listening to in real-time – a feature I find uniquely me. Another functional addition is the health check endpoint. It's tucked away in the footer, quietly keeping an eye on the site's status and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

I've also been rethinking how I present my professional journey. Instead of a traditional resume, I've opted for a JSON file, offering a more tech-savvy and interactive way to showcase my experiences which will also allow me later to create a dynamic on-demand CV. To round off the redesign, I revamp the contact form, streamlining the process to make reaching out to me as straightforward as possible. This overhaul isn't just a redesign; it's a reimagining of how my website interacts with visitors, aiming to be as welcoming and engaging as possible.

Technology Stack

  • Next.js
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • TailwindCSS